Uh Oh, The Bunny Is Back, Again. Plus Aquariums Update.

It’s been a long time, again, since I bothered to do anything here, but regular viewers here (hah!) will notice the theme change here.

Anyway, never mind that, I just did water changes to a couple of the aquariums here.

The tank on the left contains cherry shrimp, crystal red shrimp, amano shrimp, a pygmy corydora and a habrosus corydora. The tank on the right contains a load of endler guppies and Phil, a betta splendens, otherwise known as a siamese fighting fish. Not that Phil has any real fight left in him, he is a real pussy and just pretends to push the guppies around.

As Phil was being a bit shy in the picture above here is a picture that does actually contain him.

2015-11-05 19.57.20 (Medium)He really is a cute little thing, I hand feed him and he even allows me to tickle his back now.

I’ll post pictures and details of all the other tanks we have later, currently we have 28  up and running.