Cat’s of the Bunnies

These are our cats. They are a bunch of lazy bastards, but then ain’t all cats?


We got Boris from someone we used to work with. I am too sober to remember their name right now or even how long ago we got Boris, though I am sure Mrs BadBadBunny will remind me the moment she reads this, but it was several years ago now. His previous owner called him Venus but we thought that was a bit gay so changed it to Boris.

Likes: Getting fur all over the settee. Having his arse bitten by George. Water from anywhere and everywhere.
Dislikes: Not being fed 24 hours a day
Special Skills: Not getting crap stuck on his fur around his arse any more. Sitting in places he should not be, breaking stuff to make room while doing so.
Appearing in multiple lolcat lols
Nicknames: Bollocks, Morris, Doris (and Venus when he has been really stupid and we want to embarrass him further)


Buxton (Bucky for short) just arrived in the garden one day about 10 years ago and never left, so we adopted him. (Or he adopted us).

Likes: Eating everyone else’s food. Trying to take over my computer chair. Smacking the other cats with his big paw-fist. Having his whiskers rubbed. Talking.
Dislikes: Getting sat on when he is on my computer chair. Not being allowed to eat everyone else’s food.
Special Skills: Giving Hi-5’s and Hi-10’s. Standing upright on back legs. Giving you his paw when asked. Rolling over when told.
Nicknames: Bastard, You Bastard, STOP-THAT!, OI!, Fucky-Bucky
Video: Clicky Here


George was rescued from a local cat sanctuary. They showed us an area full of cats to adopt and George barged his way through all the others and stuck his paw in the air as if to say “me, me, take me”, so we did.

Likes: The settee. Fighting with us on the stairs. Sitting on top of the pigeon cage with them all pretending to be a pigeon.
Dislikes: The (nice) neighbours cat called Moos (Pronounced Moze, short for Moses).
Special Skills: Burping in your face. Nuzzling your chin and making it itch. Getting fatter. Giving you his paw when asked.
Nicknames: Gorgeous George, Sod, Fatso, Fat Lump, Lazy Lump


We got Lottie from another ex-work colleague who had a baby and said she could not keep the cat as she was jealous of the baby and had started peeing over the babies things. Sounded like a bunch of crap but we were happy enough to adopt Lottie.

Likes: Getting me to refill the bowl of cat crunchies. Talking.
Dislikes: Her tail, she thinks its evil and fights with it a lot.
Special Skills: Being small but very heavy at the same time.
Nicknames: Dottie, Snotty, Itteh-Bitteh-Kitteh
Video: Clicky Here


Mhysy (pronounced my-see, means Little Girl in Dutch) is the oldest of the lot, she is about 18 years old, we rescued her from the cat sanctuary when she was about 6 years old. She must have had a bad start in life as she was scared to show herself for about two years and hid under the bed, settee etc, but gradually she relaxed and wanders about the house mostly normally now, though pretty much can’t stand to have the other cats near her, though lately actually tolerates them slightly when eating from the same bowl as her at the same time.
She is getting a bit stiff with age now and walks a bit like those fighting skeletons in the original Jason and the Argonauts movie (see video clip example here)

Likes: Her own private cat litter box in the garden. Taking things easy. Nagging for our food as we eat.
Dislikes: Practically everything.
Special Skills: Being old. Very visible long white claws. Trying to climb across the settee and failing. Never leaving the house/garden. Hot-air balloon impressions (hissing at the other cats).
Nicknames: Bitch

UPDATE: Unfortunately Mhysy died on Friday 18th March 2011.
She was quite old, 18 years, and she had only been checked out at the vet’s a couple of weeks ago as she had been losing a lot of weight suddenly, but the vet said she checked out OK, no illnesses he could find, he even tested her blood and found nothing wrong, he said she was basically as healthy as a kitten, but just old.
I was able to be with Mhysy when the time came and held her and comforted her as best i could up until the end.
She is now buried in our garden, and we have placed a nice plant called “Pieris japonica ‘Forest Flame'” on her grave as a tribute.

Mhysy's Grave

More pictures of these cute kitteh buggers can be found here

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