I wrote my own book after hearing how successful 50 Shades of Grey was.

I wrote my own book after hearing how successful 50 Shades of Grey was despite being a big puddle of shite. (See someone else’s review of it here).

My book will appeal to you meat eaters I reckon. Here it is:

50 Shades of Meat

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet rump sausage drumstick, bacon prosciutto brisket boudin. Meatball pig tenderloin filet mignon jowl pork chop, flank sirloin chicken. Speck shankle corned beef short loin, tenderloin frankfurter bresaola turkey meatball swine andouille cow pork loin ribeye strip steak. Fatback capicola pork loin bacon ham tongue, ribeye leberkas.

Tongue short loin spare ribs leberkas, chicken ham hock kielbasa. Capicola ball tip short loin venison, chicken beef jowl corned beef meatloaf tail cow kielbasa spare ribs. Corned beef capicola short ribs, pork belly beef tenderloin tail turkey ham hock t-bone short loin. Tenderloin shankle swine, pork turkey bacon meatloaf pork loin ball tip.

Meatball beef jowl, flank andouille tail bacon pork loin chicken t-bone. Ham hock short ribs short loin, turducken hamburger kielbasa leberkas tri-tip brisket. Hamburger meatball tail short ribs, rump corned beef shankle drumstick prosciutto tri-tip filet mignon ham pork chop beef fatback. Prosciutto spare ribs chuck, pork corned beef tongue boudin pork belly tenderloin shoulder brisket beef ribs frankfurter turkey chicken. Rump hamburger filet mignon, turducken ham sirloin cow drumstick spare ribs. Ham corned beef prosciutto sausage hamburger capicola frankfurter ribeye pork, bacon fatback brisket short ribs meatball speck. Ham meatball tenderloin chicken.

Rump pork belly kielbasa chicken, sausage prosciutto pork loin filet mignon turducken flank. Shoulder corned beef meatball beef, jerky jowl sirloin drumstick. Ball tip pork belly kielbasa, filet mignon ham biltong boudin frankfurter pastrami t-bone sirloin shank strip steak salami. Leberkas flank t-bone drumstick swine beef ribs salami bacon. Flank tail pig shankle, cow rump frankfurter t-bone pastrami turducken beef ribs venison. Tri-tip prosciutto fatback leberkas. Boudin pig fatback shankle shoulder, jerky swine pork loin tri-tip kielbasa venison.

Drumstick tri-tip brisket turducken, chuck chicken filet mignon jerky ball tip beef ribs ground round sirloin. Shank leberkas spare ribs corned beef speck. Pastrami jerky filet mignon ground round short loin pig cow. Spare ribs ribeye meatloaf, chuck corned beef pastrami ham hock venison tenderloin bacon boudin jerky. Swine beef ribs venison sausage meatloaf pastrami. Ball tip tongue kielbasa, chicken short loin flank pastrami meatball salami shankle bacon jowl. Leberkas beef ribs meatloaf rump shoulder.

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Dedicated to @SexySoulQueen for the inspiration.

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