The Green Beam eBook by Michael D Kenward

A fellow loony I know on Twitter called @R_B_Bastard wrote a pretty cool book called The Green Beam which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, I give it 5 out of 5 carrots rating.About The Green Beam:
A teacher goes missing on a school trip to Dover Castle. Five years later, a boy from the same school finds himself at the same place. He wanders inside an ancient stone tower and is spun unconscious by a blinding, tornado of green light. When he awakes, his school party have disappeared and the world outside seems to have changed. He works out that it is 1979. He must have time-travelled. But then why are the newspapers all dated 2010?

It is available on the Amazon website as a Kindle eBook if you are interested.


Dirk Gently – The BBC TV series – my review

Dirk Gently started out life in the books of the late Douglas Adams. The books are fantastic, they will keep you laughing and entertained until the end.

The TV series however will not, it’s just total bollocks in my opinion, I bet Douglas Adams is howling in his grave at how bad each episode was, they were only vaguely related to the Dirk Gently books by the names of the characters. The story lines were a confusing mishmash of crap and most of the original jokes and quirkiness of the characters was lost.

I give the TV series 2 carrots out of 10, and that is being generous.

To learn more about the Dirk Gently books have a look to the Wikipedia page.
To learn more about the TV series have a look to this Wikipedia page and the BBC website.

You can see the trailer for the original pilot episode of the series below: