YouTube video’s I posted here seem to have gone tits-up.

So, all of a sudden all my YouTube video’s posted here only show the URL instead of the video window……..*sigh*.

Nothing was changed my side, it just suddenly stopped working.
Looking around the interwebs it seems I am not the only one who ever had this problem, but so far bugger all useful information on solving it.

I have been messing about with it myself and managed to get a few working again so far by copying the URL twice into a post and then messing about deleting one of the copies until it just works again.

This is not fun WordPress, not fun at all.

OK, after some messing about with this I found I now have to re-open every damn post that has a YouTube link, place the cursor at the end of the link and press ENTER then save the page to make the damn thing work again.
Fuck you WordPress.