Dirk Gently – The BBC TV series – my review

Dirk Gently started out life in the books of the late Douglas Adams. The books are fantastic, they will keep you laughing and entertained until the end.

The TV series however will not, it’s just total bollocks in my opinion, I bet Douglas Adams is howling in his grave at how bad each episode was, they were only vaguely related to the Dirk Gently books by the names of the characters. The story lines were a confusing mishmash of crap and most of the original jokes and quirkiness of the characters was lost.

I give the TV series 2 carrots out of 10, and that is being generous.

To learn more about the Dirk Gently books have a look to the Wikipedia page.
To learn more about the TV series have a look to this Wikipedia page and the BBC website.

You can see the trailer for the original pilot episode of the series below:


Sophie the cat died today in England

One of my oldest cats, Sophie (a.k.a. Sophie-Kitten) died today in England.
She was about 24 years old and had lived a wonderful life. My parents and I got her when she was just a tiny kitten back when I was younger and living in England with my parents. I moved to The Netherlands 13 years ago and have other cats now but have been back and seen the others at my parents place several times over the years.

Sophie had a lovely nature and was a cheek little scamp. She never really grew very big and always looked like a young kitten, no matter how old she got.
She had almost boundless energy and could jump up to the highest places in the house, looking down on us with a very proud look as she sat there!

She used to love sitting on my shoulders and would eagerly jump up on them any chance she got. She also used to enjoy sitting on my stomach while I had a bath!

Rest in peace Sophie, we shall all miss you.



Church End Brewery turns to a bad rabbit for Easter ale

An Easter campaign to promote Church End Brewery dark ale features a less than friendly bunny rabbit.

The dark ale, Bad Rabbit, is the latest special edition from the brewery, with the campaign by Rees Bradley Hepburn featuring a rabbit that it a vandal, a thief and an arsonist.

Said someone from RBH in explaining the rationale behind the rabbit: “If he dishes out eggs, it’s only to distract you while he nicks your wallet, makes off with your plasma screen and does something unspeakable on your daffodils.”


Lightning storm over Holland

We had a pretty bad lightning storm over the country last night, luckily was not in our actual area, but we could easily see it in the distance. It was very spooky, an almost non-stop show of lightning flashes, but very quiet, no thunder.
The local weather people reported counting around 800 lightning flashes in 5 minutes and issued a ‘code orange’ hazardous weather warning.

We made a video of it whilst standing in our back garden watching it: