Blocked on Twitter by Matt Lucas

I just realised that Matt Lucas (of Little Britain and Come Fly With Me fame) has blocked me on Twitter.  (His Twitter name is @realmattlucas).

I am a bit narked about this as I did not harass him or anything and occasionally posted a nice reply to some of his posts. Back at the start of Come Fly With Me I did send him a tweet to say I didn’t think much of the new series, it was not really as funny as I expected, but this was likely lost in the many other tweets he no doubt gets all the time.

After watching Come Fly With Me episode 3 however I had seen the show really improve and get into its groove, it had gotten a bit more sarcastic and funny in my opinion, so I tweeted Matt Lucas a short message to say this to him.

I didn’t think anything more about it, then this week went to watch the latest episode and realised I had not seen any tweets appear from him on my timeline, so I checked my following list and saw he was not on it. Hmmm, strange I thought, but shit happens, maybe Twitter or myself had messed up, so searched for his name and clicked the FOLLOW button, only to see a message that he had blocked me.

Well, what a tosser, my opinion of him has certainly changed. If it is an honest mistake or even Twitter error then fair enough, so if Matt Lucas cares enough he can unblock me and let me know, otherwise as far as I am concerned he and his TV series can rot in hell, until he tells me otherwise I shall simply consider him a complete twat.

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