@Raymondstar – comedian & madman

@Raymondstar is someone I met on Twitter. He is as mad as pants. He gets into all kinds of trouble such as being locked in cellars, locked in the toilets of McDonalds (not sure I want to know more about that one), falling into famous canals and getting lost in different countries. Late last year he won a bus trip to Germany and ended up somehow in Russia where he had to work as a barman/cocktail waiter to earn enough money to get home again.

Raymondstar falling into the Amstel canal in Amsterdam


Raymondstar has a few different YouTube channels with all his video’s on, here are all the current ones I am aware of:




Raymond’s ‘big’ handkerchief number!

Raymond replacing the famous magician, Magic Angelo!

Raymond play’s basketball

Mrs Stephen Frys diary


Cocktailparty Welcome !

Raymonds Cocktail

a drink to go please!

Entertainment 1

Entertainment 2

Entertainment 3

Goodnight everyone !

Ray Today Publicity webcamshow

Ray Today ! openingsleader of my show

Raymond’s Lost at Christmas part 1

Lost at Christmas part 2

Lost at Christmas Part 3

Lost at christmas Part 4

Lost at christmas part 5.

Lost at christmas part 6

Lost at christmas part 7

Lost at Christmas part 8

Lost at Christmas part 9

Lost at Christmas part 10

Lost at Christmas FINALE part 11

Lost at Christmas compilation

Twitter commercialbreak !

Question 1. for Ellenshow

Question 2. for the Ellenshow

Question 3. Ellenshow

Datingvideo Raymond ( @Raymondstar on Twitter )

Hello MR Ice T

Casting video MR Ice T Lipton

Raymond live in Berlin

Raymond caught by hidden camera in London!

Macmillan Twitter Coffee Morning Video 2

I hope you have enjoyed Raymondstar’s work as much as I have.
You may even want to go and follow him on Twitter

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