One of our neighbours hates our cats Episode 3 – Return of the Cats

The story concludes.
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Earlier in the week Mrs BadBunny had a few confusing voice mails left on her phone from the mediators about a new appointment – they seemed unable to correctly pronounce the date. Eventually a date was agreed on, so on Wednesday February 9th 2011 at about 7.15pm Mrs BadBunny wandered over to the community centre near where we live for the meeting. (I was still not allowed to join in as I am still very narked off about all this).

The stupid neighbour announces he didn’t really want to have this meeting as he knows there isn’t really anything that can be done about cats getting into his garden – duh, asswipe, so why arrange it in the first place!

He bleated on about having stones in his garden and fake plastic grass, and how every two or three days he has to shovel up half a bucket of cat shit from on top of it all. Well, I know our cats can shit quite a bit, but we also get that much from them in our own garden, so would be pretty fucking surprised if they had enough left to do the same in his garden.

The gobshite admits now he is not even sure it’s our cats, but says the problem started a couple of years ago just after we moved in. Well tough bloody luck, since we moved in many things have happened such as government collapsing in England and the price of petrol going up, and I am quite sure that is not the fault of our cats either, no matter how much they try.

He also admits we already did what we could to reduce/prevent the (unproven) problem and that their isn’t really anything else to be done, he accepts that we would not even consider keeping our cats indoors and he would not expect us too.

So, all of this was for nothing except aggravation caused to us. Bollocks to him, I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

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