One of our neighbours hates our cats Episode 3 – Return of the Cats

The story concludes.
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Earlier in the week Mrs BadBunny had a few confusing voice mails left on her phone from the mediators about a new appointment – they seemed unable to correctly pronounce the date. Eventually a date was agreed on, so on Wednesday February 9th 2011 at about 7.15pm Mrs BadBunny wandered over to the community centre near where we live for the meeting. (I was still not allowed to join in as I am still very narked off about all this).

The stupid neighbour announces he didn’t really want to have this meeting as he knows there isn’t really anything that can be done about cats getting into his garden – duh, asswipe, so why arrange it in the first place!

He bleated on about having stones in his garden and fake plastic grass, and how every two or three days he has to shovel up half a bucket of cat shit from on top of it all. Well, I know our cats can shit quite a bit, but we also get that much from them in our own garden, so would be pretty fucking surprised if they had enough left to do the same in his garden.

The gobshite admits now he is not even sure it’s our cats, but says the problem started a couple of years ago just after we moved in. Well tough bloody luck, since we moved in many things have happened such as government collapsing in England and the price of petrol going up, and I am quite sure that is not the fault of our cats either, no matter how much they try.

He also admits we already did what we could to reduce/prevent the (unproven) problem and that their isn’t really anything else to be done, he accepts that we would not even consider keeping our cats indoors and he would not expect us too.

So, all of this was for nothing except aggravation caused to us. Bollocks to him, I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.


One of our neighbours hates our cats Episode 2 – The Cats Strike Back

The story continues from where we left off in One of our neighbours hates our cats Episode1 – Cat Wars

So, tonight was the night of the big meeting with the mediators, the neighbour, and Mrs BadBadBunny. I offered to go but Mrs B still thought I might make things end rather badly as earlier I had gotten myself a pair of gloves and had been busy wiping all the finger prints off my baseball bat.

The meeting was for 7.30pm, everyone involved had been posted an official letter informing about the time and location. Mrs B arrived slightly early and was greeted by the mediators. The neighbour had not arrived yet so they went and sat down and had a coffee and started chatting. This went on for over half an hour, with them having a nice friendly chat about everything, with the mediators hinting at what an asshole the neighbour is with his stupidity.

A bit more time goes by and still the neighbour does not show up. One of the mediators makes a phone call to him to find out where he is. Turns out he claimed to have cancelled the meeting four days earlier because he had another meeting with someone else at that time.

The mediators were quite surprised to hear about this as no one in their organization had told them anything about this, so they said they would check into this later. The neighbour said he would arrange another meeting time and left it at that.

Well, seeing as he is a neighbour it’s not too damn hard to see his house from ours and we could clearly see someone was at home, so for now we assume he is just full of shit and not man enough to follow up on what he started, and don’t believe he will make a new meeting appointment. The mediators seemed to have pretty much the same idea.

If there is any update on this I will let you know. Thanks for reading.

No one turned up

Update 5th February 2011
Mrs BadBadBunny had a message left on her voice mail today from the mediators trying to arrange a new appointment for this meeting. The message was not very clear what the date was, it was hard to hear, but sounds like it is for the 17th February.
I shall keep update this website when more info is known.

Update 13th February 2011
The new meeting took place, read about it here:
One of our neighbours hates our cats Episode 3 – Return of the Cats


One of our neighbours hates our cats Episode 1 – Cat Wars

One of our neighbours hates our cats. Well, fuck the neighbour, we hate him too.
The cunt lives 3 doors up from us and actually has two cats of his own, but he never lets them leave the house.

Last year he came to the door whining that our cats were making a mess of his garden, but it was not really a problem as he was going to put pebbles all over his garden and said the cats would probably not like that so would not come back.
We countered by saying how does he know its our cats in his garden, ours rarely wander that far anyway. He randomly pointed to one of our cats and said “it was that one”, which turned out to be a different colour to one he had already accused earlier in the conversation.
Now, I am not the most easy going when it comes to confrontations like this. My first thought and feeling is fuck you and to attack, however Mrs BadBadBunny is the family diplomat so I generally leave “first contact” situations like this to her (at her own request most of the time), and she is right, she is good at calming things down.

Mrs BadBadBunny politely explained to him how cats work, that they generally come and go as they please and cannot really be controlled to stay out of a particular garden, and that we would not be keeping them indoors or getting rid of them because of this, but we would do what we could, such as putting extra cat litter boxes out for them. This seemed to satisfy him and that was the end of it for some time.

Some months later he came back, same complaint and got back basically the same answer. It was explained to him that not all of the cats in the neighbourhood belong to us and asked if he was really sure it was our cats? He was not sure and went away.

About eight months have passed since then, and tonight while we were eating and watching TV there was a knock at the door. Mrs BadBadBunny answers, and its two ladies who are apparently some kind of mediators for neighbour disputes, our cunt of a neighbour did not have the balls to come back to us to whine again, instead he contacted this mediation organization to see what they could do, they had already heard his side of the story and wanted to hear ours.
They were invited in and Mrs BadBadBunny explained it all to them, we have nothing to hide here. They seemed reasonable and understood what we were saying, so suggested that next week a meeting would be held at the local school near where we live where they, the neighbour and ourselves would be present to discuss this.

Personally I feel the neighbour can shove it up his arse, but it was agreed the meeting will take place on Wednesday 2nd February, though in the interests of a lack of shouting and swearing I am not going to be there, Mrs BadBadBunny will take care of it.

This suits me fine as I can go crap all over his garden while he is out.

Anyway, tonight has been a bad feeling night, we feel like we have had burglars in the house invading our lives. I would like to thank all our friends and re-tweeters on Twitter who had the patience to listen to us (me especially) rant on about this, and all of those who will have to put up with us going on about this tomorrow at work, thank you all.

We try to keep ourselves to ourselves, not complaining when any of the neighbours have their extremely loud parties, some of them actually lasting 3 days, all day and all night, we keep the peace in the interests of getting on with others, but this cunt really gets on my goat.

I will update this post next week after the meeting to say what happened.

*** UPDATE 2/2/2011 – Click here to read the next chapter ***

We dedicate Lily Allen’s song “Fuck You” to our neighbour!